365 Reasons Why

We asked Every Australian Counts supporters to let our politicians know why
they need to agree on how to fully fund the NDIS.

Here’s what they said…

"I support a fully funded NDIS because it enables my brother to live and socialize with people his own age and to learn skills to assist with his independence."
"I am able to to do more activities with different services such as pursuing my creative goals and pathways, and has also helped me achieve my goal to become more independent by gaining lessons to obtain my Ps."
"I support a fully funded NDIS because it helped me get a job and my forklift ticket."
"I get to go to Step Up which is awesome. I love them as my friends. I learnt to catch a bus all by myself. I get to go to Bunnings for work experience. I love it there."
"I get to go to TAFE and learn about computers. I get to do work experience at Coles and work at KFC. I get to learn new things."
"My daughter wants to experience different activities and events, sometimes requiring a long journey to attend."
"I support a fully funded NDIS because it gave me independence to move out of home and use public transport. I support a fully funded NDIS because I get to do more social things. I support a fully funded NDIS because it helps me achieve my work goals."
"EVERY person with a disability should be a priority when it comes to funding!"
"I need 24/7day care."
"We need a fully funded NDIS because my life cannot, AND WILL NOT continue to improve in the significant way that it has without this support."
"My daughter needs assistance and as parents in our eighties help from others is desperately needed."
"Because people with disabilities can get more out of life, and contribute more, with fully funded support. Our lives are worth it."
"To allow my daughter time for the other children instead of spending all her time looking after my grandson and chasing funding."
"So that I can continue to have the freedom and indpendence I enjoy currently. Before I got NDIS my electric wheelchair was eight years old and I couldn't do anything afterwork because the battery wouldn't last. The NDIS funded me a new electric wheelchair that can go 20km on a single charge. I've just returned from travelling around Europe with that wheelchair, something I couldn't do with my old wheelchair."
"To ensure that opportunities are turned into realities. In essence the infamous quote "all for one. and one for all"."
Naseem Jessie
"As families and carers we are already in a very difficult position, and a fully funded NDIS at least takes some of that hardship away. Why do we have to debate on this issue? I request the relevant crossbenchers to come and stay with me for a week."
"To each according to their needs; from each according to their abilities."
"Every other family looking after a person with a disability, we need to know that they have a caring system in place when we can no longer support them. We have done our duty now do yours!"
"Because Every Australian Counts and we are all entitled to make our own choices."
"I want my son to continue to have a secure and happy life even when I am no longer able to care for him."
"As it currently stands, there will be numerous people with psychosocial disabilities that aren't getting the support they need. This will result in more presentations at emergency depts., more encounters with the legal system and more people on the streets. Bring back the services that community mental health worked tirelessly to develop over many years."
"I want to have community access, to have friends, a job and to live a meaningful and valued life and contribute to the community, but I need support to achieve these goals. Aren't these reasonable goals for everyone?"
Stefan (left) and Mikael (right)
"We will never be able to look after ourselves."
"My son wants to be employed!"
"We have two grandsons with disabilities."
"Everyone in our community will be better for it."
"My son is very intelligent and has so much to give his community but relies on other people to help him move because of his physical impairment."
"So I can have control over my life like my brothers and sisters!!!"
"Without it there is no real help for a decent life for people with a disability."
"We need to support in "all ways" the disadvantaged people in our society. If not us, then who else will look after their general well being?"
"Start up and pilot programs that have proven results need to progress rather than be dumped because of no funding."
"My children deserve the best opprtunities in life that is offered."
"I have two special needs grandchildren who are not being supported."
"By investing in people the social returns create a happy and healthy culture."
"I cannot afford the therapies my 2 autistic children need to become productive members of society. Because my now teenage ASD boy tried to kill himself when he was 8,9,10 and I couldn't afford psychological help for him and the autism unit would help because it was a psyche problem and the psyche crisis team wouldn't help because they don't deal with autism. With funding I can get the help they need."
"Because people with a disabilities deserve sexual expression."
"To have a choice of various organisations that can offer me support during my life is important to improve quality outcomes."
"I want to rest in peace when I die knowing that my son is properly taken care of."
"My adult daughter needs to live independently with supports."
"I need a safe secure life to live the way I want, where I want because its my life."
"For the independence of our daughter to live freely in an accepting world."
"I am a 37 year old woman and don't want to be treated like a child any more."
"I want my son to have same opportunity to grow and contribute as every other citizen in Australia."
"My son deserves to receive the support he needs to live as a functional and effective member of Australian society through early intervention."
"I am an autistic boy who's wants to have friends."
"I want to have the opportunity to live to my full potential as a wife, mother and member of the community. I want to be able to receive the supports and therapy I need so that I can do everyday things like get out of bed, cook, garden, do voluntary tutoring in the community and attend conferences related to my further education. I do not want to be confined to my home or even my bed because I cannot get basic assistance. I think it would be great if politicans spent a day in my wheelchair or trying to manage the world when you are legally blind or deaf and then use their conscience to vote on the NDIS."
"I want to do everything independently without my mum help."
"I want my son to learn skills so that he will be able to live independently when I am no longer around."
"Having a disability, limits anything you do, and you always miss out on outings, because we need help to go out. We miss out on so much, it can be very very lonely when you are disabled."
"A fully funded NDIS will enable me to live a fuller life without needing to worry about money which I am not in a position to handle. Without such funding I would simply vegetate with with no direction or fulfillment in life."
"Treating our most vulnerable in a just and equitable manner is something we can all be proud of."
"It makes economic sense more jobs more people paying taxes."
"My son needs safe supported accommodation and a life where he continues to learn and grow, just like his brother and sisters do."
"I need help to survive, let alone have some kind of life."
"Because I want the shared pleasure of doing as much as I can, for as long as I can with my grandchildren!"
"My daughter will hopefully be able to care for herself before I leave this planet."
"it provides the opportunities for people to live a full life, which in turn provides the opportunity for people to recover!!!"
"My son will need help when I can no longer care for him. He is having trouble walking now so we have to address that issue. He cannot travel by train as he once fell down from the platform. He is 54 years of age now."
Paul (carer) & Joel
"My son, now 29, will have independent supportive living with friends in their own home. This will enable he and his friends to experience a similar quality of life as enjoyed by people without disabilities. The NDIS will also enable carers to experience greater quality of life and new opportunities which would not otherwise be possible such as becoming a member of Parliament."
"As the providers are being paid great money for these fantastic services, which are mainly government anyway why? The participant is still paying out of there own pocket to be able to participate. Most of these people can't afford the extra cash to participateSo there for they do not get the full benefit as they are losing out still."
"My life matters."
"We need a guarantee that there will be a strong, ongoing network of support for our Son. After 'going it alone for 50 years, we know how much he has been able to achieve since receiving Your Life Your Choice funding from Qld. Govt. We have no other family here. After enabling our son ourselves over his lifetime we want his life to Congo is to be enriched, while at the same time, he plays an active part in contributing to his local community."
"My daughter will need financial independance one day when I am no longer here."
"People with disabilities need to be able to change their plans as their needs change throughout life."
"As parents we need respite, 17 years is a long time."
"I am almost 13 and still spending all my time with my mum and dad when I want to be with other young people, doing active, fun things."
"When my wife stops working, I can't afford therapy."
"Because there is an urgent need for public housing for those with disabilities and mental health."
"I want to leave my house to live my life (go shopping, engage in my community), not just because I have a medical appointment."
"So that my son has friends and is safe."
"I want my son to have a full and equal life like everyone else."
"So my disabled daughter can have funds for speech and other therapy she needs, and funds for educational opportunities tailored to her abilities, to give her a chance to achieve in life and have a chance at a satisfying life despite challenges she faces with her disability .This picture is of her with her speech therapist."
"Because without help I am socially isolated and depressed and would like a better life."
"I need additional care and social inclusion. Also, my parents are reaching the situation where they will no longer be capable of assisting me and I have no other relatives who can."
"I have lived in SE Asia and have seen what happens to people, families, communities and countries who do not fully support all of their citizens. This would not be a place I would be proud of."
"At the moment I am stuck in my house unless my husband drives me. I can manage a shower every 2nd or 3rd day without his help. There must be more to life."
"It will mean I have choices."
"My son is non-verbal and needs care; someone to speak for him when his parents are no longer able to."
"I spend the majority of my life house bound. My husband works two jobs and looking for a third. He totally cares for me with no help. He cooks, cleans, shops, all domestic chores and is totally exhausted. The NDIS is not rolled out in my area. We need support!!!"
"My son deserves to feel safe."
"Everyone deserves the care they need. We are an inclusive caring society and must remain so."
"My son would like to live in his own home with the support he needs."
"My adult daughter with Severe Autism will need 24 hour care when l am no longer alive to look after her."
"I want to be independent of my parents like other young people. "
"I need care to assist me in daily life & to get out in the Community, I need to have a life not be a hermit at home."
"People living with disability , whether young or old, need social inclusion, meaningful connection in community now and NOT LATER."
"I deserve the same opportunities as everyone else"
"People with disabilities need public funding to ensure their lives arent any more miserable. They can't buy all thr services and equipment they need without that support. No different to public funding for able bodied people in need of Medicare to fund general medical hospital and pharmaceutical benefits. The Labour Govt initiated the NDIS scheme with an uplift to the medicare levy to fund the initial roll out in parts of the country for the initial trials. As it rolls out across the country and the costs increase we need a further uplift in the levy. Same rationale applies now as before. If it was good enough for Labour to bring it in before they should support the funding of this next phase with the same approach rather than play politics with this."
Irene - Sean's Mum
"At this stage my son has just had his plan approved and he is now going to be approximately $8000 worse of. His goals that were being met previously will not be met under the terms of his NDIS Plan as approved. This is not an appropriate outcome. No matter how many times I have commented in this space, email NDIA, wrote to the various administrative people behind NDIS over the past three years no-one has ever responded - not even acknowledged my concerns. Unless it's a success story with all the warm and fuzzies you obviously don't give a damn!!"
"My 55 y.o daughter who has had an acquired brian damaged for 51 years, will have the be assured of the care & assistance she deserves for the rest of her life!"
"It is the right thing to do."
"I need a seamless transition to living away from home before my family can no longer care for my high needs."
"I've been able to live, work and play independently thanks to NDIS."
"11 year olds who don't have a disability hang out with people other than their parents so why can't I?"
"Disabled people would like equality in their lives."
"I need to get more support workers and transport. I need to get more independenting."
"I would like to live a full independent life, with the opportunity to further study, travel and have a meaningful career. Participate in volunteer work and contribute to my community."
"Without it my son simply would not receive the opportunity to lead a normal life."
"I have a mental health condition as a result of a motor vehicle accident 13 years ago. Along with post concussional syndrome, organic brain syndrome, PTSD, social anxiety syndrome, I do not drive. It would be so helpful if I could receive some funding for taxis as I live in a regional area where there are not enough buses to get me to my doctors & other health specialists. Buses are inexpensive with the Concession Translink Card but it can take more than an hour to reach some of my appointments. Taxis are expensive for me as I am.9n a disability pension. Please provide full funding for the NDIS."
"We need NDIS so we can live as normal a life as is possible."
"I want to be independent and have the help I need."
"It will allow all of us to have a little more "Me Time", this includes NDIS recipients and parents. We all need a break sometimes just like politicians. We are on the job 24/7/365 and we just need some time off, we are not interested in any cash payment to us just some time out knowing our child/relative is cared for. Respite care is a double edged sword as both parties enjoy a break from routine."
"It is one of the great acts of social development and inclusive social policy of the last generation ... and how we treat our most vulnerable is the litmus test of how evolved we are as a society."
"My son will have this disability for the rest of his life and deserves the fullest life possible."
"I want an interesting life."
"In a first world country it is the humane and decent thing to do."
"No cure has been found yet for severe autism."
"I like not feeling confined to my room and feeling this is all there is to life."
"I need to be able to communicate with others in the community despite not being able to hear anything at all!"
"Our 23 yr old son is hanging around all day, every day with his 59 yr old father (an engineer who had to 'retire' early from the paid workforce to taking over the caring role of our son). Both men deserve so much better. Both men can contribute economically to our nation's economy if they have adequate supports. The economic benefit would outweigh the current situation (i.e. my husband could go back to being a taxpayer and a consumer and our son could have a valued role albeit paid or voluntary role."
Dallas N
"Because I never had the opportunity to do all those things to prepare me to look after myself, learn more,create my own future, and have a say in my life."
"I need help to live and connect with my community."
"Nobody should have to feel isolated at home alone."
"Let's show the world that we have politicians that understand the importance of inclusion."
"My son is 47 years and in care. My husband drove him to all his sporting commitments until he died last year. I am 74 years and can no longer drive the distances needed for his sprorting events and he is missing out!!!"
"So I can choose the help i need."
"Without this support I got back to being bored and isolated and sad."
"I have a chronic health condition that has affected my life but I still want to be ablle to contribute some skills that I have in whatever way I can. I need some support but aim to 'pay it forward' by teaching voluntarily."
"I need a full independent life."
"I deserve equity and the opportunity to achieve in school and life to my full potential."
"It will provide my son with the opportunity to have the care he requires."
"People with disability have the right to live their lives of their choice."
"My goal horizon never sets, once corporations/greedy people pay the Australian people the tax they owe, then we all will be happy."
"I want to experience life without my parents needing to be with me all of the time."
"I worry about my adult daughter when im not around any more so she can stay as independent as she is now."
"So I can continue my work in closing the gap in Indigenous Disadvantage."
"I worry about my adult daughter when im not around any more so she can stay as independent as she is now."
"It will help my severely autistic teenage son lead a fulfilled life."
"I found out I am not eligible despite meeting all the criteria and was given to different 'reasons' why - neither of which make ANY sense."
"So my son gets the help he needs to contribute to society."
"People with disabilities need this everyday its not a periodic thing."
"I have been able to get assistance previously not available."
"Our son needs assistance 365 days, 24/7 and we desparetely need help to assist him with his basic leaving needs."
"My daughter deserves to have a chance to live a life that people take for granted."
"I cannot properly honour consumer-centred care if the government holds the market in limbo/uncertainty for policital mileage."
"My daughter will get the support she needs now and when she is older and she will be able to live independently one day because of the NDIS"
"it supports not only the individual but helps the whole family. To give those with a disability the opportunities that we all have and that sometimes we take for granted."
"Caring for three ASD kids means 3 types of needs, 3 age groups, 3 sets of sensory issues, 3 different sets of needs and treatment. I didn't pop out 3 ASD kids so I could live off the government. Now that I am privileged enough to be thier mum I have also grown wise enough to ask for help. 2 of my kids are teens who need some intervention. With this intervention they will be successful, independent and functioning adults who are valuable members of our community. Without help I cannot help my kids. Without help they will suffer. Without help more parents will be forced out of the workforce and on to be fits while they struggle to raise their kids. Without help these kids may become a burden on the system instead of being a contributor to it. Please fully fund the NDIS so that you are part of creating a great nation with functioning ASD adults who bring you new and interacting ways and bring wonderful solutions to make our nation wonderful."
"My children have huge potential but they need help to realise that potential."
"I don't have family to care for me."
"I will need increasing care as time passes and I would like to maintain some independence and self respect."
"With the right support I could become a taxpayer!"
"NDIS is a national scheme that is every citizen's responsibilty to contribute towards a fully operational scheme that anyone can one day call for this insurance service in times of need."
"The NDIS is an opportunity for people with a disability to experience and to live, just like normal everyday Australians. It's not welfare, but rather an economic stimulus going directly to support a growing labor force, as well as providing necessities, like a wheelchair, to persons with a disability."
"The NDIS hasn't even been rolled out in our area yet, but we await it with great anticipation. My husband, a C4 quadriplegic after being injured 10 years ago, struggles every day, with lack of services, lack of reliable carers (due to appalling pay rate provided by the agency), and no opportunity to have physio or any other ongoing physical therapy sessions, not to mention lack of equipment, all because it's enough for us just to find the money to fund his medical/pharmacy costs ... there is no much red tape accessing funding for anything (such as new mattress, wheelchair etc) that he suffers because of it. We believe that the NDIS will alleviate many of our problems we face as a family, particularly due to the fact that we will have one body that we have to deal with, rather than facing a minefield of various agencies and organisations which just shuffle his papers and requests around and nobody takes responsibility for anything. It's a challenging life on a daily basis, and we as a family should not have to suffer the emotional and energetic fights that we have had to endure the past 10 years."
"My son will be able to enjoy a meaningful life like the rest of society."
"My daughter 31 (Down Syndrome) the only way she can have an independent and full life is to have funding to help her achieve this.We live in a rural are and I am elderly and unable to get around so where the public bus is not available she needs taxis. To attend exercise activites, art class, study class she needs support. To attend Medical Specialists she needs a support worker. This young lady is very active, inteligent and needs a little help to live a full and happy life."
"Every person deserves to live a full and satisfying life regardless of things beyond their control. Having a disability certainly hinders all aspects of a person's life. Each and every Australian is important and each ones needs every opportunity to function to their full potential and full ability. My hope is that all people with disabilities has a case worker and that no one slips through the cracks. There is a lot of vulnerability for people with disabilities and each has a different set of needs and components to help them in the best possible ways. I am very grateful for the NDIS and I do hope that this will help to meet the complex needs for our most vulnerable and who need our care, a voice and every opportunity to be the best that they can be. Thank you."
"My son requires 24 hour care and there's just the 2 of us. We need more care hours to enable me to become more independent and able to support us both."
"My daughter Elise has severe autism, intellectual disability and epilepsy. I am her sole carer and aged 62 with type 1 diabetes. She is aged 28 with enough potential capacity to live an active life in her own home but also needs every day support. The NDIS has given me more hope for the future than I have had in the decade I have been her sole carer."
"Because everyone with severe disability deserves to be helped, not just those like me who were lucky under the old system."
"Because my parents are getting older with their own health issues, and I need 24/7 care with a sleepover person, due to my condition I am now very sensitive to noise and this can lead to issues. I need to be somewhere else, not to far from my parents hopefully, so they can stop worrying so much about me, and hurting themselves all the time too. They also need to see me settled and I would like that too."
"I need to be able to plan a certain future for my 58 year old daughter when I am no longer alive."
"So my children can become the best possible people they can be. NDIS will give them the support and early intervention they need to have a much greater chance of living independently, securing employment and developing meaningful and lasting friendships and relationships."
"A fully funded NDIS, helps people, like me, who suffer from an incurable disease of the central Nervous System. Due to my illness, I cannot sleep in a normal bed, I require an Electric Bed, that can be adjusted to different positions, to ease my pain, so that I can sleep. Without the NDIS, I cannot afford to buy this bed, I desperately need help from NDIS. Please support a fully funded NDIS, to help support the people in the community that need help the most."
"My daughter needs to learn skills to help her become more independent."
"So I have a life thats worth living, the help I receive makes being able to do some of my favourite things stops the feeling that I am a waste of space which is awesome!"
"Because people with disability deserve human relations education."
"People with a disability have received very little and loss the power to activitly engage in community the people need to be valued and feel valued."
"People with a disability have received very little and loss the power to activitly engage in community the people need to be valued and feel valued."
"Human beings shouldn't have to fight, plead or jump hurdles just so that they can have basic tasks done like showering, toileting, getting out/in to bed, giving families time to be a family. To be a person who matters."
"I need 24/7 care with a sleepover person, at the moment my parents are my carers, but are getting elderly and having their own health issues, so I also need to find some safe and affordable housing that is wheelchair accessible. My parents also need to know that I will be looked after when it is time to move out."
Hem Sid
"I want to be safe by learning to communicate and taking care of myself and behave appropriately. All of this is possible because of NDIS funding. I could not do it before. I want to be well by exercising which is included in my plan. My support worker helps me. I want to be happy and feel good by learning things that others in the community take for granted like using a computer, going to work, going to shows, play games right for my age like netball, chess, and I want to hang out with friends and share a home with them. NDIS lets me do this. These are the reasons that I want a fully funded NDIS so I can be me and have a quality of life."
"People with disabilities can spend many unnecessary months in hospital waiting for access to services so they can be discharged home safely."
"To uphold the principle of giving people choice and control."
"My husband had his lung removed through lung cancer, I was in a serious motor vehicle collision and cannot work, we are the main carers for our 14 year old girl with Aspergers, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ADHD and Cerebral Palsy. We can't do it on our own. We want to help our daughter integrate into society, so that when we are gone, she isn't stuck in a facility because she is unable to cater for her own needs."
"At 40 after completing a Masters in Law and Ba Bus I suddenly developed my second brain tumor. Since then (3yrs ago) I've developed ataxia, tremor, dystonia and now it appears I have epilepsy. I couldnt have children so my future will be bleak if I dont have access to disability services, particularly services and systems."
"I am 65 yoa and I can't care for my physically disabled son much longer, but NDIS has not reached East Gippsland. What is going on?"
"So my son can have his chosen supports to live a full, happy life just like everyone else."
"My 7 year old son needs a wheelchair and ongoing physio to manage his condition."
"I would like the ability to choose the kind of care that my condition requires, not a one fits all approach. This photo I am sending is from before I had my accident."
"I am a 47 year old man that sustained massive head injuries at the age of 16, which has left me with hemiparalysis of my left limbs. I received a small compensation payment no where near enough money to adequately support me for life. My parents tirelessly, effortlessly cared for all my needs without any assistance or support, I was optimistic to recover from my predicament, more like wishful thinking. Sadly both my parents have passed away and fortunately for me my sister has taken on that responsibility. I fear the burden on my sister should not be such a struggle as it was for my parents. I need my loved ones around for emotional love and comfort as do all people with special needs for the family support that you can not put a monetary value on. ALL INJURIES LEADING TO A PERSON LIVING WITH A DISABILITY, INSURANCE COMPANIES SHOULD HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE AN ADDITIONAL 20% TOWARDS THE NDIS, as the majority of injuries deteriorate."
"My dad has just died and I need some help to be more independent and help my Mum."
"My son needs to move out of home and live independently before I die."
"It has allowed my daughter to live an ordinary life working in her micro business and volunteering her in her community."
"To be understood and to understand, more help with my communication needs to be truly a part of life."
"I'm almost a teenager and I want to get out and about without my mother all the time."
"So my intellectually disabled daughter can finally get her housing."
"I have two daughters who need to learn how to live independantly. If we can make this work they will have a better quality of adult life and will be less reliant on some parts of the system as they progress. It will also give my husband and I more peace of mind that they will cope as we are nearing retirement."
"You might say I'm a veteran of the NDIS system being a nominee for my stepson being lucky enough to be among the first few people with plans in Tasmania. I've seen both Alex and the system grow. It's been awesome. Alex my step son has intellectual impairment, dyspraxia and Autism since NDIS, he has grown in both confidence and independence beyond our wildest dreams something that would not have come without this innovative system. The system needs to be fully funded to help thousand of Australians and their family to have a life full of opportunities that you and I take for granted like learning how to catch a bus or buy their groceries or go to the pictures. Please find a solution to find this funding. I'm happy to lay my portion of the Medicare levy even though I'm just a disabled pensioner myself, I have a motor neuron disorder which has seen me lose my career as a soldier. Come on guys do what's morally and financially right here, you know it works in more than one way the package my son has received to date has kept people off the dole and thus spending their pays back into the local economy. Vote the right way guys vote in the Medicare levy let's fully fund the NDIS."
"I want a chance, a fair one for my son."
"I need daily care and social inclusion."
"I want to take my son bushwalking!"
"I've been not enough money funded for 1 year for transport and support for my needs including shopping, socials, specialist doctor and TAFE etc."
"I work as a carer, I know how important it is for everyone to be able to live life to the fullest."
"Through no fault of my own, 10 years ago I went into a Public Hospital as a Public patient to have aFem POp bypass graft done on my left leg. The operation went wrong and failed so they then took a good vein from my right leg to put into my left leg . In total I was in the operating area for 24hrs. I have been left with nerve damage where the Surgeon had to basicaly rip open the staples adown the whole length of my left leg to gain access again to put in the other vein as the first op had failed. I have also been left with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and Chronic Lymphedema. I was told when I went in for the operation I would only be off work for about 6 weeks. I was only 57 at the time, working full time as an office supervisor. My husband had to take early retirement at the age of 55 to become my full time carer. Our lives have been completley turned up side down through no fault of our own. We now have to try to live of the Pension and also pay for the extra treatments required such as hydro-therapy, compression stockings, walking aids, parking at the hospital when attending appointments. Most of my hospital appointments are between 2 and 5 hours long which adds up very quickly for the cost of parking. We need the NDIS so that I can get access to further treatments and aids that would make my life easier and less painful. We can not do this on our own just from the pensions that we receive."
"My son wants a job and he needs support to achieve that."
"As a carer of our severely disabled son I strongly feel that NDIS must be fully funded so that all people with disabilities and carers will have security knowing there is full support going forward into the future. I also strongly believe that as this is an insurance that covers every person in Australia every taxpayer (not just those earning over $87,000 pa) should contribute towards this important disability insurance. The funding of this policy should not be made "political" as this will cause a lot of unnecessary stress for the disabled and carers ."
"I can be like any other 18 year old with choices and opportunities!"
"I have three young adults with disability and I am ageing. With the NDIS fully funded I can at least relinquish part of my caring role."
"At 50 yrs of age, when I do go, my 8 yr old son will have the support mechanisms in place to ACHIEVE what EVER he wants to be."
"I work every day with people with a disability and see many who do not have any supports or services, it is their human right to receive NDIS funding to be able to function at home and in the community. Let's keep to the promise of meeting our human rights obligations by ensuring the NDIS is guaranteed and keeps growing to meet reasonable and necessary supports for people with disability."
"My 24 year old brother deserves his own life and currently receives extremely limited funded support to do this."
"Because otherwise people with disabilities are going to be continually treated as second class citizens. Their basic human rights are at risk without adequate and fair funding to allow choices to be made."
"It means that my son can go out into the community safely. It in turn gives me a rest so I can be the main carer for our sons."
"Because the Government doesn't understand the system very well."
"It was what was missing during the life of my son who was profoundly blind and severely intellectually disabled. With it he would never have had to leave his family to be cared for in supported accommodation. The support he needed could and should have come to him with his family."
"So that my son can one day live independently!"
"So my son will not lose any of his support when we transfer over to the NDIS. And to be set up in his own place sharing with at least 2 others."
"I like being in the drivers seat for a change, I have my independence back, I have the supports I need and when I need."
"My daughter can get out and become part of the community and live a full and active life."
"I can share the lives of people in my community with all diversity."
"My 31 year old son could have support to assist him to communicate and participate in adult interactions and activities."
"I really believe people with disabilities should be able to choose and make decisions about their life and direction. Unfortunately the NDIS falls short for people whom have what I call just a disability, these people fall through all models of disability support. Even with in disability groups."
"My daughter needs to be able to plan for a secure home."
"I am an ageing carer. Who will care for my son when I am unable to?"
"I want to be able to work and live independently rather than be put in a nursing home at 32."
"The NDIS is helping my son to prepare to be better equipped to live on his own when i am no longer there to support him. he is being helped to have more independence in living skills, including communication and build a life for himself. I think the supports provided under ndis are essential to his safety and well being. I fully support the NDIS."
"I insist we look after every Australian, rather than ignore ones who may not be able to Play Test cricket, AFL OR in the Fed cup for the Glory of Australia - we need everyone to have the same support as our sporting super stars - otherwise who are we as a nation."
"I feel disabled people should be able to live their lives to the best of their ability."
"To our family it'll mean security, support and peace of mind to know that our loved ones will be looked after when we are no longer able to provide care."
"Our son needs a future after we are gone."
"Profound deafness has no retirement date. As a senior I will need NDIS support for upgrades to my cochlear implant and hearing aid."
"The NDIS has helped me to be able to start preparing for work and help me work towards moving out of home one day."
"I have been able to get assistance previously not available."
"I want my hearing dog every where I go to the work, and I have to feel safe."
"People living with spinal cord injury desperately need the resources to take control of their ongoing health and wellbeing, which includes participating in regular physical activity - even more vital for their health than it is for every able-bodied person."
"Our son has a complex disability (Prader Willi Syndrome) which will be with him for life. We are aging parents in our 60's and we want to be certain that our son will have appropriate care now and when we are no longer here."
"People with disabilities deserve a quality of life. Safety, security and the chance to have a happy life. NDIS can and should do this. Many Carers are ageing and will not be here forever. Other carers have increasing health issue due to the 24/7 level of caring and worries about the future. This country is generous to other needy countries. Australia's vulnerable and needy and vulnerable People with disability deserve a chance. NDIS was developed to give them a chance. If must be fully funded and the funding must be guaranteed. Why are we still asking for something that should by rights be a given."
"My son deserves the right to have a full life and become a essential part of our society."
"Life is hard enough for Australians accessing help already."
"Our son is severely autistic. Once his early intervention funding ran out we had to fund his therapy privately. We couldn't afford it. He didn't get what he needed at a critical time in his development. Don't let this happen to another child."
"My Sister at age 53 should NOT be living in an old peoples home."
"I need support to go to Mass and volunteer and see my friends."
"I want to be so much more than just another person on a disability pension. I want to not feel so isolated being stuck in my home, because of my pain levels."
"I want my daughter with Dopwn's Syndrome to stayin drama school!"
"I need all the financial support so I can live as independently as I can possibly can."
"So my son Daniel can be adequatedly funded for his care."
"We have been caring for our son at home for 16 years. Our son has a severe hypoxic brain Injury and needs full care to be able to have a life at home in the community where he belongs. without a fully funded NDIS my husband and I will never be at peace because we know that we can't be here forever and need some assurance that when we are gone there will always be a NDIS support package to give him the Life time care and support that was promised."
"Jane Wyatt."
"My brother deserves to have a full and active life."
"My son needs support for a future without our care."
"My brother deserves to have great support outside the family. NDIS gives people jobs and allows family members to work and contribute to Australia economically."
"My son needs help with all daily tasks."
"My son has Williams Syndrome and will be 30 this year. He wants to increase his independence and work towards living by himself with all the support needed for him to achieve his dream."
"My Parents are getting old and I will need help to create a quality life for myself as I have severe multiple disabilities."
Brenda and John
"Mum and Dad are ageing - what else is there - before NDIS we got $5,000 per year for respite purposes - very soon respite is going to be permanent and the problem of how our adult son with severe intellectual disabilities surviving without us is still going to have to be addressed - addressed - we might be goung away - permanently - but our son isn't! Wake up to the facts - the numbers - the future crises if this problem is not addressed right now!"
"My daughter is 40 , she needs to live a normal life in the community, not with ageing parents , to reach her potential."
"Mental health issues prevent me from being able to fully function as I used to do. I have support now through ADHC, but when I tried to transition to NDIS, I'm not eligible and could lose my current support. I need this support to keep my independence."
"I want my sister to have an awesome life and when we get together, we can spend our time having a good belly laugh about life and not sorting out toenails and doctors appointments and the refrigerator."
"The choice to live your best life without monetary handicap."
"I will be able to afford all the necessary allied health services I need to improve my quality of life and that of my family."
"I am an older mum of twins with a disability and I want to know their future is one of ongoing development and care."
"It means I won't have to worry about becoming homeless and I can get the help I need."
"It will help Meaghan who is an Angelmans syndrome sufferer, to continue with her Compass institute service."
"I am 44 years old and still living at home with my parents. I need the funding to live independently in the community."
"I want to remain as independant as possible, for as long as possible, because I love travelling!!"
"My son with Aspergers needs to live independently. At present he is dependent on me."
"I need flexibility in my funding to spend on accessible taxi so I can finish my uni course and move out of home."
"My son needs help to lead a full life."
"My son needs 24/7 assistance in his home to engage in the life he wants to lead. His life his way and not be told what to do by someone who doesn't know his needs or cares."
"I need a seamless transition to living away from home."
"I want to finish my PhD and help protect Australia's cybersecurity."
"Living life to the fullest is everybody's right."
"I have worked hard all my life, paid my taxes and raised a son with Cerebral Palsy of 31 years. Now living with Multiple Sclerosis I want the ability to continue living."
"I am a wheelchair user living on the coast and I want to be able to access the great outdoors and the beach a whole lot more."
"All other funding from State and Councils are being withdrawn. Without a fully funded NDIS there will be Priority Waiting Lists longer than any Hospital/Operation Waiting Lists previously seen. Not All disability is visible, not all debilitating illnesses have a known cause, so therefore have no cure."
"I don't want to see people with dual diagnosis sitting in mental health units inappropriately due to waiting on suitable accommodation and plan reviews."
"My 23 yo son has the right to a good life just like anyone else! Remember anyone anytime could be in a similar situation Ben was born with a very rare syndrome Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, causing severe profound & multiple complex disability, also diagnosed with severe ASD at 3yo & then sadly due to a post operative medical complication at RCH he received an unexplained spinal cord injury & became paralysed which has created even more daily and health complications"
"I need to go to hydrotherapy every day to help my body feel happy."
Rev Wendy
"My son Joel (aged 29) has a chromosome duplication, with physical and mental impairments, and will need some support to manage his life after we have passed away. We do the caring for him now, but my husband has retired, and I will be of retirement age soon. So we need the NDIS to help him with accommodation, continue his supported work opportunities, and support his handling of money and paperwork. Thank you."
"It will at last provide inclusivity and independence to all people with a disability."
Ann & Steve
"My Grandson needs to live a full and fulfilled life."
"Becuase NDIS this is the intention of a just society or the failure of an unjust one."
"I need help to live independently."
"I want my children to live a full and happy lives without barriers."
"My son loves being out in the community, but this is only possible for him with support."
"Therapy makes a difference and I need more of it."
"Every australian has the right to a decent life."
"I want to work in the city."
"Many people live with disability and the ensuing mobility, financial and social disadvantages 24/7 on 365 days of the year through no fault of their own every."
"I support a fully funded NDIS because I am learning to become more independent and working towards living out of home."
"I support a fully funded NDIS because I want to live a full life and choose my paid supports."
"I support a fully funded NDIS because I want to choose the care I need."
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