For many people with disability, the NDIS has changed their lives – they finally have the support they need to get out and do the things they want to do. It’s been everything we all hoped and fought for.

But the NDIS is not working well for everyone.

That has to change. We need two things from the decision-makers:

  1. the problems with the NDIS fixed and;
  2. the scheme to finally be fully funded.

So we have launched Fund it and Fix it – it’s a campaign to get the NDIS back on track. 

Please sign our petition to tell our politicians to step up and fund and fix the NDIS. By filling out your details on this form, you’re adding your voice to tell our politicians that the time for talk is over – now is the time for action.

This is just the beginning – we have much more planned for Fund it and Fix it. So come back and check in and see how things are going.

Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey. Read below to find out what everyone said.

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Survey results

Download the survey results (PDF, 4 pages).

The NDIS has changed the lives of many people with disability across Australia. It has given us more support, more choice, and more control over our lives. It means we can finally get out and do the things we have always wanted to do.

But the NDIS is not working well for everyone.

This needs to change. We need two things:

  1. The NDIS must be fully funded – both now and in the future.
  2. The problems with the NDIS must be fixed – and fixed fast.

We need to be absolutely sure the funding is sufficient and secure – not just in the good years but in every year.

And we can’t let the vision of the scheme be compromised by poor implementation.

People with disability and their families need certainty. We need to know the scheme will be there for us when we need it. And we need to know the scheme is working the way it should. We deserve nothing less.

People with disability and families know first hand how the scheme is – and isn’t – working on the ground.

It is our voice that must be heard. It is our concerns that must drive change.

Every Australian Counts surveyed our community and asked people what they most want to see changed.

‘Nothing about us without us’ should be the NDIS mantra.


These are the top five things we know need action now:

1. Improve planning

Removing phone planning was a good first step, but people told us there was still much more to do to get the planning process working well. People really want to be able to see their plans as they are developed, to correct mistakes and catch problems early. They also want to be able to make small changes easily, rather than wait for a review.

“Let us see draft of the plan before it is submitted so errors can be detected before the plan is operational.”

People also want better training for planners and Local Area Coordinators, and the creation of specialised teams of planners with expertise in different kinds of disability.

“Planners with specialised skills to plan supports for people whose circumstances are exceptionally challenging – like those involved with justice.”

There was also lots of frustration that planners seemed to ignore the reports of professionals and made their own decisions. And that there appeared to be a lot of inconsistency between plans.

“Less judgemental options from ill informed, poorly trained and unqualified staff.”

2. No more gaps

Gaps, gaps, gaps everywhere. Gaps between plans, gaps in services, people falling through gaps.
People expressed great frustration at gaps between plans – they said plans should automatically be renewed until a planning review could take place.

“No more gaps between NDIS plans – at the moment three months without a continued plan is ridiculous.”

People were also worried about those who weren’t eligible for the NDIS – or who were eligible but didn’t know how to ask for help. People said they also wanted family members to be able to access support and help so they didn’t fall through the gaps either.

“At the moment, the paper work to register and get into NDIS is very long and complicated and it doesn’t even guarantee adequate funding. Many are worse off and fall into the cracks or can’t even access funding.”

People also expressed concern about gaps in the market – not being able to find quality services that suited them.

3. No more delays

People despaired at just how long everything with the NDIS took. There were so many delays – and often with no explanation. This was true of all areas in the NDIS, but particularly around aids and equipment. People said they were tired of waiting – waiting on the phone, waiting to hear what happened to their application, waiting for the outcome of a review. People don’t just want deadlines set – they want them met.

“I applied for NDIS for my son when he was 8 months old. Early intervention is critical for him and yet here we are at 18 months old and still waiting on a plan.”

“It is taking too long for some people, including our son, to get the equipment and modifications he needs. The process needs to be simplified and work much more efficiently.”

“Long delays in getting your first plan, then long waiting times for approval for desperately needed equipment makes it a real struggle for participants.”

4. Make sure the NDIS works with other systems

More than 60% of people said that the NDIS and all levels of government should sit down with other services such as health, justice, and education, and work out who pays for what. People were frustrated by what they saw as buck passing and finger pointing while they were left to fend without vital support.

“Sort out the gaps in funding between the States and the Commonwealth. The NDIS is taking away state funding for nursing and rehabilitation to fund the NDIS but nothing is in place to fill the gaps.”

“Give clear pathways on how to use other services and how to escalate. We can’t be caught between pointed fingers and be left without any support.”

“End the buck passing between the State and Federal jurisdictions. Families don’t deserve to be stuck in the middle of government bureaucratic arguments, they don’t need the extra stress and drama.”

5. Realise the dream

People are worried and frustrated that the dream of the NDIS has been lost in a bureaucratic nightmare. They are worried that the transformation we all wanted to see isn’t happening because everyone is too focused on process – and not focused enough on good outcomes for people with disability.

“We need less focus on buying services and more on achieving a good life.”

“It appears that the old service provision model and mentality of disability services is creeping back in to taint and destroy the original ideals of the NDIS.”

It’s time to get back to basics.

We need the scheme to be fully funded – not just in the years when the budget looks good, but each and every year.

And we need everyone to roll their sleeves up and get on with the job of getting the NDIS back on track.

Too many gaps, too many delays, too many problems.

It’s way past time to get this stuff sorted out.

This matters. We deserve an NDIS that works, that empowers ALL with a disability.

Do this right and you can transform the experience of people living with disability and those closest to them.

It’s time to Fund it and Fix it.

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