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Ben & Sam Paior

Ben is seventeen, has Down syndrome, and is doing year eleven at a local independent school, fully included. Ben loves music, working out at the gym, public speaking, athletics, his job, his friends and his dog. Ben is looking forward to moving out of home so he can spend more time with his friends, and less time with his mother. Sam Paior became an Advocate the day her first son was born with disability. She doesn’t sit still long, and has turned her hand from architecture, to senior crisis management, public relations and Parliamentary Advisor roles, to finally figure out what she wants to be when she grows up: serving people with disability and their families. Sam serves on several disability related Boards, and owns a small business based in SA, The Growing Space, which serves participants through the NDIS in Support Co-ordination, as well as through her public speaking, Advocacy and more across Australia. Sam has a passion for the full inclusion of disabled people in school, community, work, family, and everywhere in between.

Opinion 12 April 2017
Ben’s Travels; buses and beyond…

I belong to a group on Facebook. It’s called “NDIS Grassroots Discussion”, and it’s a place where nearly 30,000 people share their NDIS stories – their fears, wrongs, questions, anger and sometimes, their NDIS joys.