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Renee spends too much time on gin, Twitter, politics, social justice, and nailing bad grammar. During the day she works in a corporate job and by night she blogs from the edges of the spectrum.

Opinion 12 January 2016
Is there room at the advocacy table?

It can be hard for parents to take a step back and allow their children to have their own voices. However, when it comes to advocacy, it’s especially important to find the right balance. Here Renee Bugg, parent to Poss who is on the Autistic Spectrum, talks about how they’re meeting the challenge.

Opinion 1 July 2015
Counting the cost

A while ago there was a study released about the costs of raising a child on the Spectrum, which placed the costs at around $35,000 a year. When you first hear that number, it seems like a lot. $35,000 could buy you a nice new car, maybe a luxury overseas holiday or just imagine the shoes!

Opinion 3 December 2014
The starers, the nosy, the plain rude

If you’ve ever been to a grocery story with a toddler, it’s likely it’s happened to you.