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Lochlan and Tanya Rogers

Lochlan is 13 years old young man, who is living with autism and thriving. Fully included at high school and learn independence every day. Lochlan is a quiet, easy going young man who loves going to the movies with friends, enjoys working out at the gym and attending his favourite NRL team home games the mighty North Queensland Cowboys. Tanya Rogers is normal overprotective mother who is learning to let go as her son becomes a very capable independent young man. Over the years Tanya has been involved in many local disability support groups, sharing her knowledge and providing an ear to listen to other parents.

Opinion 9 May 2017
Is NDIS really as scary as people say it is?

If you have a child with a disability and never have been eligible for financial assistance before, the NDIS is like the answer to your dreams. To be able to write a plan with no limits, no thinking about the cost, no thinking where will I get the money from. I can tell you this was a dream we would have never thought possible.