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News 22 July 2016
Helping people achieve and winning big along the way

Helping People Achieve is a Darwin based non-government disability service provider. They have been breaking barriers since 1963, and have just become the first charity to win the Telstra Northern Territory Business of the Year Award.

News 19 July 2016
Preparing for the NDIS

Planning for the NDIS can be daunting. It’s not easy to sit down and think about what you want out of life. Here’s a handy tool that may help.

News 8 July 2016
We are one, but we are many

It’s been a week since Australia celebrated the roll out of the NDIS beyond the trial sites. The day was celebrated right across the country, in many different ways.

News 5 July 2016
Election 2016 – what’s next for the NDIS?

There’s no clear winner yet in the Federal Election, but plenty of new faces in Parliament.

News 1 July 2016
1 July – what they said

Today marked the start of the NDIS moving beyond the trial sites. We take a look at how Australia celebrated.

News 1 July 2016
We made it real!

Today the NDIS moves from a handful of trial sites to the beginning of full roll out to people with disability across Australia. 

News 29 June 2016
My first plan explained

There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about “My First Plan” for people who are becoming NDIS participants when the full roll out starts on 1 July. Many people have questions and concerns so we’ve spoken to the NDIA to get the facts on exactly what it means.

News 28 June 2016
Catching up with Leigh

Leigh Creighton shared his story with Every Australian Counts just as he embarked on his NDIS journey three years ago. With the full NDIS roll out starting this Friday in many part of Australia we caught up with Leigh to see how it’s working out.

News 24 June 2016
Friday Flashback: the day we said, bring it on!

Wow, just one more Friday to go until the roll out of the NDIS begins in many areas of Australia. Today we’re rewinding back to a year ago to our Kick-off event in Penrith, Western Sydney.

News 23 June 2016
We did it! 150/150

Every Australian Counts supporters have asked every candidate in every one of the 150 federal electorates to pledge to make the NDIS the best it can be ahead of next week’s election.