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You can check your eligibility in only a few minutes.

The NDIS will progressively roll out across Australia in the coming years. To see when it will hit your area, check our NDIS roll out map.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Once you are confirmed eligible by the NDIS Agency (NDIA) you’ll be contacted to start with your NDIS plan.

Feedback from NDIS participants in trial sites says to make sure you have a good think about what your goals are for your life before you meet your planner or local area co-ordinator. So it should pay off if you start thinking about that now.

This workbook will help you. It will take you through your current activities and supports, what’s working, and what you’d like to achieve or change. You can write or type directly into the book. It comes in a range of different languages.

Read our 10 top tips for preparing for the NDIS


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Leigh Creighton
When I first heard about the NDIA coming to Newcastle, which was this year.

It really gives the people a chance to have a dream, set a goal, to do what they want to do in their own lives.

And for me I did my first plan with them which was a few months ago and I can’t wait to be a part of that because that will give me a chance to live up to my dreams and to live up to my motto: I live every single moment to the fullest.

Caroline and Siobhan Daley
I guess the best piece of advice if you haven’t started with the NDIS is to starting looking at what you want your life to be like.

Start thinking about those goals, start planning and get an idea of what would work for you.

Read stories of what other people are up to; listen to stories of what other people are doing.

Think broader than what you are currently able to see and come up with something that fits you as opposed to maybe fit someone else.

Janelle Carey and Willow Neely

I pretty much knew what I wanted.

Maybe I thought they could give me some ideas as well.

But my clear goal was to get Willow ready for kinder.

I didn’t want to her sitting at the back of the classroom doing nothing and getting further behind.

It is important to have your goals and you should probably know what your goals are for your children.

It will probably just make things move along a lot quicker as well as you know where you want to go.

Jane Paardekooper and Molly van Beek
Prior to coming on board with the NDIS, the paediatric brain injury rehab team had sat down with us maybe six months before we went into the NDIS to talk about what our goals were and that was our first step of being able to see outside of the day to day life and some more positive goals that we could aim towards.

Stephen Hallinan
I would actually say don’t go to a meeting without doing preparation.

I talked about how I did preparation, I know other people who went to the meeting and thought, “oh we’ll work it out while we were there” and came away very disappointed.

So do think about what your lifestyle is now.

What are the things you do and what are the things you want to do, why can’t you do the things you want to do.

All those sort of things you need do think about before you get there.

And think about them not just the night before, give yourself time to think about them, write them down and think about them some more because things will come to you at all sorts of strange times, in the middle of the night and “oh I didn’t think of that!” put that down.

So it really is all about, so much of it is about preparation.

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