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Knowledge is a powerful thing. Research and reports about living with disability from Australia and beyond.

Research and reports 5 February 2015
‘We want to work’ says ‘Living on the Disability Support Pension’ report

A new report has been released which illustrates just how hard it can be for people with disability to break into the workforce and get meaningful jobs. It shows that many people with disability are forced to do voluntary or unpaid work instead.

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Research and reports 30 January 2015
Report finds current system fails people with disabilities

The 2015 Report on Government Services was released this week and it shows just how few eligible people have been able to access the support they needed through the current disability support system.

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Research and reports 5 December 2014
NDIS September 2014 progress report

The latest results are in from the NDIS trial sites and the news is good.

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Research and reports 4 December 2014
Carers and the NDIS: read all about it

If there was a group of Australians who contribute $40 million in unpaid labour to the economy you might expect to see national recognition for their selfless contributions.

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Research and reports 1 December 2014
The one thing all Australians with disabilities REALLY need

In a country such as ours, we sometimes don’t think about rights until they are violated, or we can’t express them. Like our right to have a say in the way our country is run – our democratic right to vote.

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Research and reports 10 November 2014
16 things you’ve already told us about the NDIS

Back in August, we surveyed Every Australian Counts supporters about the NDIS.
They were either people with a disability, one of their family members, or a carer.

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Research and reports 30 October 2014
NDIA annual report 2013 – 2014

The NDIA (the agency responsible for building the NDIS) has released its first annual report. Some key stats: 7316 plans for people with disability $34,600 average package costs

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Research and reports 29 October 2014
What needs to change for NDIS is to make a difference?

Coming hot on the heels of the Productivity Commission report in 2011 was more news confirming the unacceptability of quality of life for Australians with disability

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Research and reports 28 October 2014
Where did the NDIS come from?

The NDIS model was devised and recommended by the Productivity Commission in July 2011.

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