Disability Loop

Disability Loop is a website dedicated to all things NDIS. The website focuses on explaining everything about the NDIS in clear and simple language, and brings resources from all around the internet to the one spot. Disability Loop is run by the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations.


Carers Australia

Carers Australia has developed lots of information and resources to help families and carers find their way through the NDIS. There are videos, fact sheets and information booklets. There is also information about their peer project.



Reimagine today is a website for people with psychosocial disability and their families to help them find their way through the NDIS. It includes a pre-planning booklet. It was co-designed with people with psychosocial disability and their support networks.


My Choice Matters

My Choice Matters is a website for all people with disability and their families, but in particular has a lot of information and resources which people with an intellectual disability might find helpful. It has been developed to help people learn more about the NDIS and how get more choice, voice and control over their lives.


ACCC website resources and videos for consumers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has developed some resources for people with disability and their families to help them protect their rights as consumers when purchasing disability services. There are fact sheets, videos and information in Easy English.


The Growing Space – management options chart

The Growing Space is a small organisation in South Australia helping people find their way through the NDIS. They have developed a handy chart to explain the different ways funds can be managed.


Peer Connect

Peer Connect is a website for people with disability and their families to learn more about peer support. There is also useful information about the NDIS.


Women with Disabilities Victoria

Women with Disabilities Victoria have two short videos You Can Ask That in which two women talk about their experience with the NDIS and how to get the most out of it.


Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS)

YDAS have a few short videos in which young people talk about their experience of the NDIS.


Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC)

VMIAC have six short anmated videos on the NDIS designed to help people with mental illness and psychosocial disability.


Mental Health Australia and Carers Australia

Mental Health Australia and Carers Australia have developed a pair of resources for carers of people with mental illness: a Guide for Mental Health Carers on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and a Mental Health Carer Checklist to prepare for NDIS assessment and planning meetings.


Summer foundation podcast

Dr George Taleporos from the Summer Foundation hosts a regular podcast called Reasonable and Necessary, on all things NDIS.


Resources for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people

If you have a disability and you are from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, the NSW government provides these fact sheets that might be helpful.


NDIS Website

The NDIS website has lots of information on it – but it can be a bit hard to find. So we have listed some ones we have found helpful here.


Easy English resources

The NDIS has developed quite a lot of information in Easy English. The previous link has all the resources in the one spot. You can often also find information in Easy English on subject pages on the NDIS website – but it can be a bit hit and miss.


Auslan videos

The NDIS has a number of Auslan videos explaining important NDIS information and key concepts.


Material in other languages

The NDIS has translated important information about the NDIS into a number of languages. Including Arabic, Auslan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Filipino (Tagalog), French, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Macedonian, Samoan, and Vietnamese.


Translator and interpreter services

People from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds may need help from a translator or an interpreter to find their way through the NDIS.


How to use the Myplace portal

The Myplace portal is the secure website for NDIS participants to view their plan and manage their supports. The NDIS have developed a guide to help people use the portal.



Each week the NDIA answers questions submitted to them during the week. They post the answers each Friday in the news section on the NDIS website. They then summarise all the previous answers on the Q&A page.


NDIS Glossary

The NDIA have an NDIS glossary (which is a word list with descriptions) on their website, to help you understand what all the different terms mean. They also have an Easy English version.


Just. No.

In an opinion piece in today’s The Australian newspaper, Professor Emeritus Kenneth Wiltshire argues that the answer to the difficulties currently being experienced by the NDIS is to simply shut it down.

Well, we’ve got a message for the Professor.

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South Australians with disability and their families demand action after delay announcement

South Australian people with disability and their families demand action following today’s announcement by the government and NDIA that there will be significant delays to the rollout of the NDIS in South Australia.

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Disability Reform Council – Project Plans and Working Groups

There’s a lot happening at the moment, so you may have missed yesterday’s announcement from the Disability Reform Council.

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