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Siobhan's NDIS Story

Meet Siobhan

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Siobhan’s interests include music, boccia and Facebook. Her and her mum Caroline were ready to start their planning process as soon as the NDIS opened in their area.


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Hi my name is Siobhan. I am 14 years old. This is my mum Caroline. I live with my mum and little sister Shannon. My interests include music, boccia and Facebook. I have CP and that means I need help to do everything.

We, I guess had been watching what was happening for a long time and obviously through the Every Australian Counts campaign prior to the NDIS becoming legislation. So we were well aware that it was coming in. We were very incredibility excited to realise that it was in the area that we were living. We were literally one of those families knocking on the door on the 1st of July, going “let us in, let us in, we’re ready for this”.

We had always struggled to find, I guess something in the pre NDIS system that worked for us. We tried after school care, we tried overnight respite in houses, we tried family-centred respite programmes, a whole range of things and nothing suited. So yeah we dibbled and dabbled and couldn’t find that right fit for us.

Since the NDIS we have been able to tailor it to what suits us as a family but more importantly, Siobhan as an individual.