Your NDIS plan is a tool you can use to help meet your needs today and build a better life for the future.

You will see and review your plan before it is finalised by the NDIS agency (NDIA).

By this stage you will have spent significant time working through your future needs with the planner or local area co-ordinator and the people who support you.

With your plan in place, including the individualised funding support that is part of the plan, you can begin to use your plan to meet your needs.

But remember, your plan is not a one-off. If or when your needs change so can your plan change.

The NDIS is about giving people with disability more choice, flexibility and control over their reasonable and necessary support needs. Your plan helps you to achieve the life goals you have set for yourself, taking into account the interests of your family, carers and friends.

Most importantly you can concentrate on doing what you need to do instead of fighting for the right to be able to do it.


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Jane Paardekooper and Molly van Beek
Being with the NDIS and receiving the level of support that we are getting does give us a feeling of a lot more hope.

The fact that we are doing the swimming lessons seeing a huge improvement in her muscle tone with that is just so heart warming, feels great.

Janelle Carey and Willow Neely
Yeah I’ve got hopes.

I just want her to be like an every day person.

I don’t want her to be that little child that’s left out because she’s that little bit different but I’m happy.

We have a nice little school that’s very friendly and I’m sure school’s just going to elevate her more.

Yeah so she’s just going to go a head with school and I have positive thoughts about it.

Stephen Hallinan
For someone like me who has spent their life doing whatever they wanted to do, you just did it the hard way on some occasions or you just didn’t do it at all.

It’s going to take a bit of time getting my head around the idea that I can now purchase services to do things that I previously would have gone “oh well I just can’t do that”.

It’s a great opportunity that I haven’t really come to grips with yet.

But perhaps in about a month’s time I’m going to start to understand how it all works and really start to learn how to effectively use that flexibility by being able to have a degree of self-directive funding.

Caroline and Siobhan Daley
I don’t have to have Mum do everything now and that’s really awesome.

I can go to boccia without Mum and life’s never been better really.

I feel really awesome and excited about the future knowing that I’ll be in charge of who supports me to do what and when.

I know that I will be able to make my own decisions about my own life without people saying no I can’t do what I want.

Leigh Creighton
I am so happy, my life is amazing.

Anita-Rose Deeley and Lily Field

Since we’ve been on the plan our lives have changed, it’s incredible.

She’s able to eat things she couldn’t – move, communicate.

She’s able to express in more ways than just non-verbal gestures.

She’s able to absorb more information.

It’s incredible, it’s changed our lives.

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