News 14 May 2019
News 7 May 2019

Your questions answered: A chat with Greens spokesperson on Disability Services Senator Jordon Steele-John

Last week we heard from Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher. This week we hear from Greens spokesperson on Disability Services Jordon Steele-John.

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News 24 April 2019

Your questions answered: A chat with the Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher

Last month we asked you what you most wanted to ask our pollies this federal election.

And we were flooded with questions – more than 200 in fact.

So we took the most common and we headed to Canberra to get some answers.

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News 28 March 2019

Media release: Disability advocates say NDIS funds must be spent on people with disability

Disability advocates are demanding the Morrison government use unspent money currently tagged for the National Disability Insurance Scheme to fix up the landmark scheme – instead of just returning it to government coffers.

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News 1 March 2017

NDIS Review – 5 things to know

The Productivity Commission has released an Issues Paper as the first step in its review of NDIS costs.

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News 29 April 2016

Mission accomplished

It’s done! The Every Australian Counts team has delivered our giant sign to Parliament House to let Treasurer Scott Morrison know our supporters are counting on him to make sure the NDIS is fully funded in next Tuesday’s Federal Budget.

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News 18 March 2016

Explainer: Who’s funding the NDIS?

There’s a lot of commentary out there and it can be confusing to make sense of what the NDIS means in dollar terms. We hear you! Here’s an explainer of the money involved: how much it is, where it comes from and how it compares with current spending on disability programs.

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News 7 March 2016

NDIS: Here to stay

More headlines today about the cost of the NDIS and quibbling about who’s in charge. Here’s a guide to who has said what today, and why.

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News 15 February 2016

NDIS: Makes Economic Sense

The NDIS will create thousands of jobs and add up to $7.3billion to NSW’s economy alone according to new report released today – results of the biggest ABS survey of people with disability and their carers ever undertaken.

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News 12 February 2016

The NDIS is rock solid

Another week, another story about funding and the NDIS. So it’s great news to see strong support from the NSW Disability Minister in our national newspaper and a promise from the Commonwealth that it will be rolled out on time.

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Opinion 4 February 2016

Talking cents about the NDIS

It was with apparent naivety that I was shocked to see in last week’s The Australian “$5bn budget hit as NDIS fund dwindles”. Could it be that the NDIS, the only policy in Australian that our last four Prime Ministers are in complete agreement on, is up for question again?

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News 29 January 2016

What’s the Budget fuss?

This week a major national newspaper led with an “exclusive” story about the costs of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It’s a curious story given there is nothing new in it. It’s no secret that the NDIS comes with costs, which have been carefully forecast and planned for. The real story remains that the cost of doing nothing is even higher.

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