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This action is now closed. Thanks everyone who sent in their messages. We presented them to the Minister – read about the meeting here.

Stuart Robert has been announced as the new Minister for the NDIS – and there’s no better way to welcome him to the portfolio than to hear directly from YOU!

Fill out the form to let the Minister know what you think needs to be done to fix the NDIS.

Before the election, our Government made a lot of promises about the NDIS and supporting our community. These promises included:

  • Introducing a new NDIS Participant Guarantee that will let us know how quickly we can access our plans and supports and when to expect them
  • A 7% employment target for people with disability across the Australian Public Service
  • A new $45 million online information gateway for people with disability, their families and carers
  • Investing another $20 million into the Community Connectors program to help families and participants in rural and regional areas and from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds navigate the NDIS

But we know that so much more needs to be done to get the NDIS working the way it should for everyone who needs it.

We want the Minister to listen to us – the people who know what is and isn’t working with the NDIS and what needs to be done to fix it. So fill out the form to tell him what you think his first step should be to make the NDIS work for all of us.

We will collect all your responses and send them on to the Minister. Together, our Every Australian Counts community can hold our new Minister to account and make sure he delivers on the government’s promise to fix the NDIS.

What should be the Minister's first priority?

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