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News 17 August 2017
Breaking: is a deal close on NDIS funding?

Treasurer Scott Morrison has announced he will today introduce legislation into Parliament to lock-in full funding for the NDIS, saying he’s confident of securing support from the Senate cross bench.

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News 15 August 2017
365 reasons why the cross bench vote counts

With politicians back in Canberra after the winter recess 1500 Every Australian counts supporters have already emailed our cross bench senators asking them to help break the deadlock over funding for the NDIS.

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News 3 August 2017
Ivory smashed it! 😍😍

A letter from nine-year-old Ivory Clark has made national headlines when she spoke up for thousands of children with autism in the classroom.

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News 21 July 2017
New face at the helm of NDIA: The reaction

A new Chief Executive Officer has been appointed by the National Disability insurance Agency (NDIA) to guide the NDIS during its critical transition period to full coverage across Australia over the next three years.

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News 12 July 2017
A new chapter for accessible books in Australia

In good news for avid readers with vision impairment, Australia is on the verge of a braille book boom.

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News 30 June 2017
Why every day counts

This weekend marks one year since the full roll out of the NDIS began. While there are good news stories about improved life outcomes, there’s still a long way to go until the NDIS is the one that was promised for all.

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News 22 June 2017
Just. Wow.

Only one week ago a delegation of Every Australia Counts supporters sat with Senator Pauline Hanson to talk about the NDIS and why we need an inclusive Australia for people with disability. This just makes her comments yesterday even more disappointing.

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News 16 June 2017
The PC has listened and spoken

The Productivity Commission this week released early findings in its review into the costs of the NDIS – and while there is good news about support for the scheme, there are plenty of things to fix.

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News 15 June 2017
A huge day at Parliament House

Every Australian Counts supporters hit Parliament House yesterday to urge our politicians to fully fund the NDIS ASAP. What a huge day it was!

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News 14 June 2017
Every day counts!

Here they are, your 365 reasons why full funding for the NDIS counts every day of the year.

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