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News 22 January 2015
Life’s never been better really

Siobhan is 14 years old. She loves music, boccia and Facebook and her life has been transformed by the NDIS.

News 19 January 2015
10,000 in – 450,000 to go

In a significant milestone for the NDIS, the National Disability Insurance Agency’s CEO, David Bowen, has confirmed that more than 10,000 people with disability now have an approved NDIS plan.

That’s a sizeable number of people in trial sites across the country that are now more in control of their own care and supports and are well on the way to living a life of their choosing.

News 13 January 2015
7 issues we can’t afford to let slip

2015 is going to be a big year for the roll out of the NDIS. There are a number of important decisions that the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and the governments will need to make before the full roll out commences. The State of the Sector report that was released by NDS lists their seven top issues that need to be addressed this year. Here are the issues that National Disability Services (NDS) wants action on.  

News 12 January 2015
Ally blossoms under the NDIS

It’s the simple things. Simple, everyday things like going out to the mall and ordering a hot chocolate and paying for it with her own EFTPOS card. Simple things like using a mobile phone and texting. Simple things like dressing the way she wants to dress.

News 8 January 2015
Leigh – a voice for the voiceless

Leigh has Down Syndrome and works as a peer mentor. His work gives a voice to people with disabilities, especially people with Down Syndrome.

News 23 December 2014
Hit the road … or the skies … or the island!

Floating at dawn in a hot air balloon, front row seats at a zoo safari tour, an elevated viewing tower at the Phillip Island penguin parade; three top outdoor attractions when visiting Melbourne. But wait, there’s more – they’re all accessible.

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