News 22 February 2018

Announcing the Every Australian Counts Champions!

Meet our Every Australian Counts Champions

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to introduce the Every Australian Counts Champions!

The Every Australian Counts Champions will represent our vibrant and diverse community when meeting members of parliament, community leaders, and the media. On behalf of all of us, they’ll be telling them that they need to fully fund and fix the NDIS.

We will work with our Champions to get our message out to as many people as possible, and tell them just how important it is that we have a fully funded NDIS that works for everyone.

Together with our community, they’ll make sure our voices are heard loud and clear and we get the NDIS we’ve been fighting for.

So let’s meet the champions who will be representing our community:

Lynne Foreman

Lynne is a married mum with three children. She describes herself as a ‘doer’ and is  well known for her community work. Recently Lynne was selected to be part of the Commonwealth Games baton relay. Lynne has been a proud Every Australian Counts campaigner since 2011. She has faith in the NDIS but knows there is always room for improvement.


Peter and Linda Tully 

Peter and Linda Tully have always been strong advocates for people living with disability and making sure they get what they need from the NDIS. They are active in their local community, and passionate about making a difference. They want to do this by sharing their personal experience of living with disability with parents, teachers, and service providers.


Ben Paior-Smith

Ben is a talented athlete who has won many medals and trophies for sprinting. Ben is a proud advocate for the NDIS and is determined to make a difference for people living with disability. He wants to make sure young people with disability are included at school and have the chance to get a good job. Like other teenagers, Ben also loves music.


Carleeta Manser 

When she is not working as a braille teacher or travelling to different places to meet with other deafblind people, Carleeta spends her time trying to improve accessibility and inclusion for people with disability in the community. Carleeta is a strong advocate for the NDIS, but is keen to see it become flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs.


Chris Riordan 

Chris is a keen sailor and holds several national and international titles. He works in the disability sector as an IT support officer, and is passionate about highlighting the experiences of people living with disability in rural and regional towns. Chris is enthusiastic about seeing an NDIS that lets everyone reach their full potential.

Our champions can’t wait to get started and share our voices with the Australian parliament, community leaders, and the media. Their first stop will be Parliament House, where they will explain to politicians just what we need from the NDIS.

Together with our champions, it’s time for us to hit the campaign trail and fight for a fully funded and functioning NDIS. We need our politicians to make a decision before the Federal budget on May 8th, and we need to tell them loud and clear just how important it is to get the NDIS working for everyone.

Please make our champions feel welcome and we’re looking forward to sharing our next steps with you soon!

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